Grey Barn Residence, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

The “Grey Barn” farmhouse and adjacent barn were restored as part of a larger renovation of an old dairy farm on Martha’s Vineyard. The fully organic farm operates every day and supplies sustainably harvested foods to the local community. The lighting systems embrace and enhance the hand crafted Architecture. Accent lighting is used to highlight old reclaimed timbers from a former farm in northern California and counter tops constructed from timber harvested from the property. Limited exterior lighting along with interior lighting washing surfaces create a subtle lantern like effect at night minimizing light pollution and light trespass. Low energy electric lighting systems and efficient lighting controls embrace the overall sustainability goals of the farm and the owner. Ambient and accent lighting are integrated to highlight both art pieces and the open structure of the architecture. 

Electric Lighting and Daylighting Design: David Nelson & Associates, LLC
Architect: Hutker Architects, Inc
Project Location: Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Year Project Completed: 2012
Owner: Eric and Molly Glasgow
Contact: Greg Ehrman, Associate
Photography: Eric Roth