Wallace Roberts Todd Offices

The WRT Offices was the first project in the nation to receive a LEED CI Pilot GOLD Certification from the US Green Building Council. The project has won local and national Sustainable Design awards. Old tenant finish materials were removed and the existing concrete structure was exposed and painted. Windows were upgraded and interior light shelves were added to help control and distribute daylight. The electric lighting and daylighting controls were designed and commissioned to verify that optimum performance was achieved and maintained. The electric lighting was carefully integrated with daylight to provide a high quality visual environment that saves energy and maintenance.

Electric Lighting & Daylighting Design: David Nelson & Associates
Architect: WRT Architects
Project Location: Philadelphia, PA
Project Size: 28,000 square feet
Year Project Completed: 2005
Owner: WRT Architects
Contact: Charles Tomlinson, AIA, Principal

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