3 Creek Clubhouse and Fitness Complex

The Clubhouse, Fitness complex and Golf Pro Shop is the central point of the 700 acre development on a historic cattle ranch, To minimize the resort’s impact on the natural environment developers have reduced the allowable building density from over 300 residences to 135. Out of respect for wildlife habitat, all wetlands and riparian lands have been set aside for permanent conservation. Electric lighting was carefully integrated with building architecture. There is a careful use of decorative lighting, accent lighting and integrated cove lighting. Lighting controls are automated, with manual override. A low-voltage lighting control system, with an internal astronomical time clock and occupancy sensors optimizes energy savings and reduces maintenance.

Electric Lighting & Daylighting Design: David Nelson & Associates
Architect: Carney Logan Burke
Project Location: Jackson, WY
Project Size: 33,500 square feet
Year Project Completed: 2007
Owner: 3 Creek Ranch
All images © 2007 Ron Johnson Photography