Exploratorium- Interior

The Exploratorium completed construction of their new facility on a 9-acre historic site in 2013. Located on Pier 15, the project is on pace to earn LEED Platinum certification. This 230,000 square foot Net Zero project is pushing “green Building” limits by using innovative energy systems such as a bay water cooling system, radiant heating and cooling, and a 1,300 KW PV rooftop system.  Energy loads have been optimized through a fully integrated design process. There is an extensive use of daylighting, which is unusual for a museum. The overall lighting power density is 0.78 watts per square foot, including all building mounted exhibit lighting loads. The lighting systems are controlled through fully programmable breakers, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and low voltage control stations.

Electric Lighting & Daylighting Design: David Nelson & Associates
Architect: EHDD Architects
Project Location: San Francisco, California
Project Size: 230,000 square feet
Year Project Completed: 2013
Owner: The Exploratorium
All images © 2013  Bruce Damonte Photography